International Cooperation

Current section represents a database of IMV young career and experienced scientist interested in international R&D collaboration.

Database includes personal profiles of researchers working in various areas of microbiology, virology and biotechnology, detailed description of their field of expertise and experience as well as topics for joint cooperation.

NameArea of interestDownload
NameArea of interestDownload
1 Balko Oleksandr bacteriocins, peculiarities of Pseudomonas biofilm formation, antimicrobial substances for biofilm destruction Download profile
2 Chuienko Andrii fungal destructors of the rubber technical articles (RTA), aggressive metabolites of microfungi (lipolytic and oxidative enzymes, organic acids, etc.), methods of estimation of the fungal action for the technical articles and polymers Download profile
3 Fomina Marina Microbiology/Mycology, Microbial Ecology, Geomicrobiology, Probiotics, Biotechnology Download profile
4 Govorukha Vira Fe(III)-reducing bacteria Download profile
5 Gretsky Igor microbial biosensors, biotesting Download profile
6 Kriuchkova Larysa fungal plant pathogens, biological control, antagonistic bacteria Download profile
7 Kyrychenko Angelina plant virus ecology, systematics, molecular studies, resistance mechanisms to plant viruses Download profile
8 Livinska Olena mechanisms of lactic acid bacteria probiotic activity, lactobacilli teichoic acids, antioxidative propertires of probiotics Download profile
9 Nechypurenko Oleksii carotene producing probiotic Bacillus, veterinary histology, veterinary diagnostic Download profile
10 Poltavska Oksana biological properties of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, probiotics prebiotics, synbiotics Download profile
11 Prytula Ivan biohydrogen production, dark fermentation, organic waste recycling Download profile
12 Suslova Olga karst cave bacteria, resistance to toxic metals and organic xenobiotics Download profile
13 Tashyreva Hanna biohydrogen production, microbial products for industry, organic waste recycling Download profile
14 Tsyganenko Kateryna fungi taxonomy, biologically active substances, mycotoxins and antibiotics Download profile
15 Voychuk Sergei physical and chemical stress response, aging, apoptosis/necroses Download profile