XV Congress of Vynograds'kyj Society of Microbiologists of Ukraine

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XV Congress of Vynograds'kyj Society of  Microbiologists of Ukraine

The XV-th Congress of Vynogradskyi Society of Microbiologists of Ukraine (SMU) took place on September 11-15, 2017. This significant event took place in the city of Odesa on the basis of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University.


The Vynogradskyi Society of Microbiologists of Ukraine (SMU) earlier was titled The Ukrainian Microbiological Society and was founded according the decision of Presidium of the Academy of sciences of Ukraine in March 29, 1959. It was created on the basis of the Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology (IMV) of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as the branch of the All-Union Microdiological Society.

On initiative of the Academician of the NAS of Ukraine V.V. Smirnov the Ukrainian Microbiological Society was reorganized and in December 27, 2002 the Society of Microbiologists of Ukraine (SMU) was registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine as a voluntary scientific and public union of  Ukrainian specialists working in the field of microbiology, virology and related fields of science.

At the 10th Congress of SMU (September 15-17, 2004, the city of Odesa) the decision was unanimously taken about the awarding of name Sergiy Mykolaiovych Vynogradskyi to the Society of Microbiologists of Ukraine, in view of exceptional significance of research in the field of microbiology of this scientist with a world name and his Ukrainian origin.

The scientific potential of SMU is represented by more than 60 institutions including research institutes of the NAS of Ukraine, National academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine, departments of microbiology, virology, biotechnology of universities, medical, agrarian and other educational institutions. Congresses of SMU are held in 4 - 5 years. The XIVth Congress of SMU took place in 2013 in the city of Yalta.

During the reporting period members of SMU have published more than 5000 scientific works, including 2180 articles, among them - 445 in foreign publications, 38 monographs, 17 textbook, 68 manuals, 120 patents for inventions and useful models, among them international ones. At the same time, with the participation of SMU members 19 innovative developments of preparations, products and biotechnological processes at the enterprises of Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, the USA.

There were 209 participants at the XVth Congress of SMU, among them were also foreign guests from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Italy, Moldova, Romania.

Participants of the Congress worked intensively: the presentation of plenary reports by scientists, speeches at meetings of specialized scientific sections, poster presentations.

 This year six sections were organized:

    • Section 1 “Ecology of microorganisms and biodiversity”, 
    • Section 2 “Bioinformatics and systematics of microorganisms”.
    • Section 3 “Physiology and biochemistry of microorganisms”.
    • Section 4 “Medical, veterinary microbiology and immunology”.
    • Section 5 “Microbial biotechnology and nanotechnology”.
    • Section 6 “Virology, molecular biology of microorganisms”.


 Among the young scientists presenting reports at the sessions of the sections, a competition was held and the best works were identified. Following the results of the competition, the winners were:

Section 1. O.Yu. Kolodiazhnyi (National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine), M.D. Shtenikov (Odesa Mechnikov National University), Yu.B. Pysmenna (Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology, NAS of Ukraine)

Section 2. M.A. Zlatohurska (Odesa Mechnikov National University), O.A. Hrycev (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)

Section 4. Yu.V. Holota (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv), T.V. Meleshko (Uzhhorod National University)

Section 5. A.H. Merlich (Odesa Mechnikov National University), I.O. Skorokhod (Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology, NAS of Ukraine)

Section 6. K.S. Naumenko (Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology, NAS of Ukraine)

Congratulations to the winners, wishing you new achievements!

As a part of the Congress satellite symposia were held: 1) “Domestic developments for personified medicine”, devoted to the actual concept of modern medicine”; 2) “New approaches to agro-industrial production”, the purpose of which was to establish cooperation between worker of the agrarian sector and scientists of our institute, specializing in identification of phytopathogenic agents of agricultural crops.

During the XVth Congress scientists and organic production specialists had possibility to meet and discuss a number of topical issues regarding the use of biopreparations in agro-industrial sector at roundtables: “Agrosystems: Project SKIN of the Program Horizon 2020 and the Network of Farmers as Potential Stakeholders of Innovative Production in Agro-Food Industry” and “Organic Production – the Unique Role of Natural Biopreparations”.

These diverse events have become a vivid proof of the unity of science and practice, confirmed the interest of the broad circles of society in modern scientific research and developments.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all participants of the XVth Congress for fruitful work! 

Till next time!

Program of the Congress - download pdf-file

Photo report - download archive

Book of Abstracts - download pdf-file