Division of Fungal Resistance

The division of Fungal Resistance carries out such researching as:

  • studying of fungal resistance of technical products and materials;
  • investigation of fungicidal properties of materials
  • estimation of indicators of the rates of contamination by microorganisms of different technical products and materials in nature.

The collection of test cultures of filamentous microfungi is continuously supported in the laboratory in accordance with the standards for testing.

The list of products and materials, announced in the field of accreditation:

  • Machinery and electrical equipment, their parts, components, working models, and electronic components.
  • Non-metallic products: timber, building products, bricks, blocks, glass.
  • Lenses. Optical devices.
  • Polymers (plastics, rubber, adhesives, sealants) and their components. coats, additives, coatings of paint, impregnating, printing inks
  • Petroleum products, oils, lubricants, metalworking fluids.