Division of Biomedical Research

The division of medical-biological testing performs:

  • sterility
  • toxicity
  • pyrogenicity
  • testing of medical products and materials.

The list of products and materials included in the area of accreditation:

  • disposable infusion syringes
  • disposable infusion needles
  • systems, instruments, devices, accessories used in blood service and other products if their specifications contain such characteristics as sterility, toxicity and pyrogenicity
  • atraumatic needles
  • dialyzers for extrarenal blood purification
  • medical cotton wool and gauze products – bandages, cotton wool, gauze, dressings, sterile napkins.
  • surgical sutures.

The laboratory performs testing for microbiological penetration of:

  • fabrics and textile items;
  • individual protective devices;
  • work wear and special-purpose clothes.
The testing results are included in the relevant testing protocol which serves as a basis for product certification.