For medicine


Biosporin - a highly effective preparation on the basis of aerobic spore-forming bacteria for prophylactics and treatment of dysbacterioses, acute gastro-intestinal infections, purulent infections, a chronic stomatitis. Preparation Biosporin – combination of microorganisms which are characterized by high antagonistic activity to pathogenic and conditional pathogenic microorganisms and do not inhibit the normal microflora. The first domestic probiotic for human treatment.

Patented in Ukraine and Russia.


Subalin - a highly effective biopreparation, based on the recombinant strain of aerobic spore-forming bacteria capable to produce human interferons. The preparation is effective towards to virus infectious agents, such as a flu, a herpes, a hepatitis, a meningoencephalitis and also has high antagonistic activity to a wide spectrum of pathogenic and conditional - pathogenic microorganisms. Combination of antibacterial and antivirus properties in one preparation - essentially new approach to treatment of many diseases mixed etiology.

Patented in Ukraine and Russia.


Batumin is highly active antibiotic for treatment of staphylococcal infections on the basis of new compound – batumin, isolated from the bacterium of Pseudomonas genus. Antibiotic batumin has original chemical structure, and unique spectrum of antimicrobial action. The medication form – batumin ointment was developed for local treatment of staphylococcal infections.

Patented in Ukraine.


Beta-Carotene – the highly active natural antioxidant, biological stimulator and precursor of vitamin A. It is used to decrease the damages caused by reactive oxygen, phototoxic molecules and chemical radicals at radioactive influence and also to prevent and treat oncological and heart-vessel diseases. Betacarotene stimulates cell regeneration processes and protects cell membranes (especially of liver cells), reduces skin and mucous membranes inflammation, increases the resistance of organism against infectious diseases, completely substitutes vitamin A and improves acuity of vision.

Patented in Ukraine.


Galactosoxidase – an enzyme for analytical detection of galactose and its derivatives in various biological materials. A producer of galactosoxidase has been isolated at the Institute, the enzyme production method has been developed. The basic advantages of the domestic preparation compared to foreign analogs are as follows: high specificity and lack of impurities of other enzymatic activity. The preparation is used in medical practice for the diagnosis of hereditary children disease of galactosemia, as well as in the research work.


Elastoterasa immobilised – alraline serine protease, which is a component of proteolytic complex producing by Bacillus subtilis. The enzyme may be used in medicine for healing of wounds at burns of III-IY degree, trophic ulcers, purulent wounds at first stage of process.

Patented in Ukraine.


Diastaph High selectivity of batumin towards Staphylococcus species has been used to develop a novel diagnostic preparation DIASTAPH (batumin impregnated disks containing 5 μg of antibiotic) ensured quick and reliable identification of microorganisms of Staphylococcus genus in pure and (in the urgent cases) in mixed cultures.


Mycomelanin – new high-efficient preparation, isolated from biomass of melanin- containing fungi. The preparation has radioprotective, antioxidant, detoxicant and antitumour properties. It can be used in medicine and food industry, and also in the production of high-purity substances.

Patented in Ukraine.

HUMAN IMMUNOGLOBULINE FOR HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS OF TYPE 2 TREATMENT (Immunoglobulinum humanum contra herpes simplex virus typus 2)

preparation for treatment of different diseases, caused by herpes simplex virus of type 2 , namely primary and recuring urogenital infection of men and women, genital herpetic infection of pregnant women and obstetric pathology related with this.

ANTICYTOMEGALOVIRUS HUMAN IMMUNOGLOBULINE (Immunoglobulinum anticytomegalovirus humanum fluid)

preparation is applied for treatment of the clinical display of cytomegalovirus infections of adults and children, in particular: cytomegalovirus pregnant infections with the complicated obstetric anamnesis for prevention of failure of pregnancy (prevention of threat of unmaturing, development of fetoplacental insufficiency, prenatal foetus death); CMV-infections of unpregnant women with the complicated obstetric anamnesis for prevention of failure of planned pregnancy; primary CMV-infections of expectant mothers with non burden anamnesis for prevention of obstetric complications; CMV-infections in new-born and children of junior age, which were born by infected mothers and have clinical displays of disease; CMVinfections of adults are with the defeat of central nerve system.


CITOBIOTEKT (Immunoglobulinum anticytomegalovirus humanum fluid for intravenous introduction)(Cytobiotect)

applied for treatment of cytomegalovirus infection at patients with an immunosuppression after transplantations. Patients have therapy of sharp CMV-infection with an immunodeficit, for example new-born, and also for patients with a medical immunosuppression or immunodeficit, caused other reasons (including by AIDS).

ZOSTEVIR (Immunoglobulinum humanum contra Varicella Zoster virus)

preparation is applied for treatment of patients with a herpetic infection with the defeat of the nervous system which is caused by Varicella Zoster virus.

GERPIMUN 6 (Immunoglobulinum humanum contra herpes virus typus 6 fluid)

preparation is applied for treatment of patients with a herpetic infection with the lesion of the nervous system caused by herpesvirus of type 6.

HUMAN IMMUNOGLOBULINE AGAINST EPSTEIN-BARR VIRUS (Immunoglobulinum humanum contra Epstein-Barr virus)

preparation is applied for treatment of mononucleosis infectious and diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, caused by Epstein-Barr virus, including encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, meningo-encephalitis, arachnoencephalitis, arachnoidits and others.


preparation is applied for diseases caused by Chlamydia trahomatis, namely, urogenital lesions including the salpingitis, urethritis, prostatism, cystitis, unmaturing of pregnancy, etc.

HUMAN IMMUNOGLOBULINE AGAINST TOXOPLASMA GONDII (Immunoglobulinum humanum соntra Toxoplasma gondii)

preparation is applied for treatment of pregnant with toxoplasmosis and the obstetric pathology related with it, and also patients with the urogenital display on the toxopasmosis base.


Lectivir – preparation on basis of bacterial lectins for prophylaxis and treatment of influenza, herpes, hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS. Lectins possess unique specificity to different types of sialic acids and natural sialic acid-containing conjugates, can be used as analytical reagents to investigation and purification of glycoproteins, as molecular probes under analysis of surface cell structures.

Patented in Ukraine.


Polymyxin B – antibiotic of cyclopeptide origin for treatment infections caused by pathogenic gram-negative microorganisms Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Salmonella and other bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Polymyxin B is also used for treatment patients with toxic shock state caused by mentioned bacteria and for preparative isolation of their toxins by complex formation. Polymyxin B is less toxic in comparison to the other polymyxins and therefore it can be used by intramuscular injection. The highly active, amucous and phage-resistant strains of Bacillus polymyxa were obtained by means of genetic selection and can be used in industry for polymyxin B production. The fermentation medium was optimized for maximal production of antibiotic during 72 hours of fermentation. The ratio between components B1, B2 and B3 in purified preparation of polymyxin B and its activity met the standards.