Depositary of microorganisms

Depositary of the Institute is unique in Ukraine and carries out the storage of innovative nonpathogenic microorganisms in accordance with the state resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "About the State system for the deposition of strains of microorganisms" ( № 705 from 12.10.94).

Work of the Depositary is regulated by "Instruction on the procedure for the deposition of strains of microorganisms for the purpose of patent procedure (1995) and "Regulations on the Depositary." The procedure involves the transfer of the strain to the depositary. Depositary registers and verifies strain viability, microbiological purity, guarantees long-term storage of the strain, the issuance of the deposit certificate and its viability during storage, issuing its samples to interested parties in accordance with their requests etc.

Today in the Depository Institute possesses more than 600 strains of different taxonomic groups.

The procedure for depositing

Depositing of Microorganisms takes place in the following cases: the strain or method of its use is applied for patenting in Ukraine, the strain will be used in the industry and for its implementation is necessary the registration of strain or poroduct (approval of technical specifications, hygienic regulation of hazardous factors, etc.) . Depositing can be carried out both physical and legal persons. Deposits take place on a contractual basis.

Catalogue of microorganisms

Ukrainian Collection of Microorganisms (UCM) is founded in Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine which is one of the oldest microbiological national institutions. The collection supports bacterial, mollicute, microscopic fungi and yeasts strains isolated from different sources, typical, referent, industrial and patent strains.

A branch of UCM is a collection of motile bacteria in Mechnikov Odessa State University. Since the publication of the first edition, the UCM catalog has undergone several changes. Thanks to taxonomic and systematic innovations the constant audit of supported strains and renewal of the collection by new strains, including those species that were not represented in the first edition, are carrying out.

UCM conducts research on the ecology, taxonomy and diagnostic of the following genera: Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Comamonas, Stenotrophomonas, Burkholderia, Gram-positive catalase-positive cocci of Micrococcus, Kocuria, Staphylococcus genera, sliding bacteria of Cytophagales Myxococcales genera, including marine microorganisms, lactic acid, methylotrophic, nitrogen-fixing and pathogenic bacteria, nokardia-shaped and coryne-shaped bacteria of Rhodococcus, Gordonia, Brevibacterium, Corynebacterium genera, Streptomyces, mollicutes, microscopic fungi and yeast. Considerable attention is paid to the microorganism producing biologically active compounds, their selection and use in various areas of biotechnology.

The UCM catalog includes strains, reflecting the diversity of microbial funds of greatest fundamental and applied interest. Materials of the catalog meet the requirements of the World Organization for Culture Collections. Institute of Microbiology and Virology established Culture Depository that carries out depositing of non-pathogenic microorganisms by resolution of the Government of Ukraine from 12.10.1994.

Download the book of  Ukrainian Collection of Microorganisms (pdf file in Russian)

The most important UCM functions are:

  1. Replenishment, maintenance and examination of authentic strains of bacteria mollicute, actinomycetes, yeast and microscopic fungi perspective for microbiology, biotechnology, education, and various areas of fundamental and applied research
  2. Issuance of strains to interested individuals and organizations for research, industrial purposes and for training in accordance with national legislation and international rules.
  3. Deposition of microbial strains in the following cases:
    • the strain or method of its use will be applid for a patent of Ukraine;
    • the strain is intended for use in industry, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection, and other areas.

Collection provides the following services:

  • Guaranteed strain storage during 1 year or more;
  • Lyophilization of microorganisms (10 vials or more);
  • Screening of microorganisms for the given properties;
  • Verifying producing activity of strains;
  • Identification of microorganisms and examination of their properties;
  • Assurance nonpathogenic strain properties and issuance certificates for depositing;
  • Consultation on methods of storage, research, and identification of microorganisms;
  • Providing information about UCM.

Pharmacopoeia strains collection

In Ukrainian Collection of Microorganisms the collection of reference test-strains has been created for factory and institute provision with strains for medicine quality control according to Ukrainian state pharmacopoeia. This collection includes 37 strains belonging to Bacillus, Bordetella, Brevundimonas, Clostridium, Escherichia, Geobacillus, Klebsiella, Micrococcus, Mycobacterium, Proteus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus genera, yeasts of Candida, Saccharomyces, Zygosaccharomyces genera, and microscopic fungi of Aspergillus genus. The collection carries out the maintenance of reference strain viability, checking of biological properties during storage and delivery to factories and institutes for the scientific or industrial purposes. Reference test-strains can be used for the control of medium growth characteristics, the testing of antiseptic and disinfection means activity, the valuation of method conducting adequacy, the estimation of different antibiotics, the sterilization efficiency, etc.