Department of Molecular Genetics of Bacteriophages

The objects of research – bacteriophages, bacteriocins and plasmids of enterobacteria.

The field of research
  • Bacteriophages as autonomous genetic elements. Gene transfer mediated by phages. The transfer of genes of pathogenicity
  • Bacteriophage and plasmid genomics
  • Lysogeny of enterobacteria. Defective lysogeny of Pectobacterium carotovorum. Macromolecular carotovoricins (phage tail-like carotovoricins).
Our Staff

Head of the Department
Fedir I. Tovkach, PhD, Dr. Sci. (Biol.), Senior Researcher, Associate member of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine

Tetiana I. Gorb, PhD

Liudmyla V. Romaniuk, PhD

Liudmyla O. Maksymenko, PhD

Nina I. Parhomenko, PhD

Alla I. Kushkina, PhD

Tetiana V. Ivanytsia, PhD

Nataliia V. Tsymbal, PhD

Natalia A. Korol`, PhD


Laboratory of Biological Polymeric Compounds

Andrii M. Ostapchuk, PhD, Head of the Laboratory
Our PhD students

Iuliia V. Faidiuk

Maryna Zlatohurska

Anastasia A. Boyko
Our collaborators

The Department of Microbiology and Virology, I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University

Our current projects
  • “Molecular genetics and genomics of enterophages".
  • “Stability of polylysogenic bacteria of Enterobacteriaceae family”
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Our contacts

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Department of Molecular Genetics of Bacteriophages
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154 Acad. Zabolotnogo str.
03143, Kyiv 

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Fax: +38 044 526 23 79

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