Department of Innovation and Technology Transfer

Department of Innovation and Technology Transfer was established in 2008 according to the Law of Ukraine "On state regulation of activities in technology transfer" by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 1 August 2007 № 995 "Some aspects of the implementation of the Law of Ukraine" On state regulation of the technology transfer" and the decree of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine № 15 dated January 16, 2007 in order to improve the protection of intellectual property rights in the institutions of Ukraine as well as providing marketing of scientific developments and expand their implementation.

Department activities:
  • оrganizing and conducting research to identify objects of intellectual property rights, providing registration of these rights and obtaining of protection documents for inventions that are created as a result of scientific and technological activities of the Institute;
  • ensuring the protection of obtained rights to scientific discoveries, technological inventions, licensing agreements, trademarks and other intellectual property created in the Institute;
  • commercialization of scientific and technical results of the Institute, development investment proposals, fundraising, cooperation with enterprises, farms and organizations carrying out scientific and technical activities in Ukraine and foreign countries;
  • creating a database of R&D results and data concerning their implementation, dissemination information about inventions at local and international levels, increasing the commercial potential of products and biotechnologies developed at the Institute;
  • public relation activities, arranging participation of the Institute in S&T exhibitions and other events, scientific and popular publications, promotional literature about the Institute and its technologies.
Achievements of the Department:

Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology gained a number of inventions created by famous scientists that have been confirmed by copyright certificates, patents and utility models. Applied researches of the Institute are focused on the following areas:

  • treatment and diagnostic products for medicine;
  • microbial technologies for agriculture;
  • environment protection microbial technologies;
  • microbial strains and technologies for industry.


Over its long history the Institute has patented a list of products that have been licensing and were put into manufacturing in Ukraine as well as abroad. The most famous include the following:

  • SUBALIN and BIOSPORIN - remedies for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases; developed by V.V. Smirnov et al – licensed and manufactured in Ukraine and Russia;
  • β-CAROTENE and POLIMYKSYN B - effective producers of these compounds; patented by B.P. Matselyukh andcolleagues, followed by licensing and manufacturing in Ukraine and Slovakia;
  • HEROLAKT - fermented milk product developed using bacterial concentrate on the basis of traditional lactic acid bacteria by E.I. Kvasnikov et al - introduced in production of Ukraine and Denmark;
  • product of bacterial lectin with antiviral activity – developed by V.S. Pidgorskyi and colleagues, currently is at the stage of implementation in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company;
  • EKOVITAL, BIOPHOSPHORIN and BIOMAG – microbial products for increasing the yield of agricultural plants developed by G.O. Iutynska et al, used in many farms in Ukraine.