Special Academic Council on Doctoral Thesis

The Institute provides Ph.D. and Doctoral scholarships. A specialized Academic Council D 26.233.01 assumes and estimates thesis applied for the Ph.D. and Doctoral degrees in the following areas:

03.00.06 – Virology
03.00.07 – Microbiology
03.00.20 – Biotechnology

Head of Specialized Academic Council is the director of the Institute Dr. of Biology, professor, academician of NAS of Ukraine VS Pidhorskyy.

The Specialized Academic Council approved in the amount of 23 doctors.

Members of the Specialized Academic Council D 26.233.01

MemberResearch degree, specialty code in the council
1 Pidgors'kyj Valentyn Stepanovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.07
2 Iutyns'ka Galyna Oleksandrivna Dr. of Biology, 03.00.07
3 Purish Larysa Myhajlivna Ph.D. in Biology., 03.00.20
4 Avdjejeva Lilija Vasylivna Dr. of Medicine, 03.00.07
5 Bojko Nadija Volodymyrivna Dr. of Biology, 03.00.07
6 Varbanec' Ljudmyla Dmytrivna Dr. of Biology, 03.00.07
7 Gvozdjak Petro Illich Dr. of Biology, 03.00.07
8 Gromozova Olena Mykolai'vna Dr. of Biology, 03.00.07
9 Dzjadevych Sergij Viktorovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.20
10 Kovalenko Nadija Kostjantynivna Dr. of Biology, 03.00.20
11 Kurdysh Ivan Kyrylovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.20
12 Maceljuh Bogdan Pavlovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.06
13 Mel'nychuk Maksym Dmytrovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.20
14 Pasichnyk Lidija Anatolii'vna Dr. of Biology, 03.00.07
15 Patyka Volodymyr Pylypovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.20
16 Pyrog Tetjana Pavlivna Dr. of Biology, 03.00.20
17 Polishhuk Valerij Petrovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.06
18 Rybalko Svitlana Leontii'vna Dr. of Medicine, 03.00.06
19 Rudenko Adel' Viktorivna Dr. of Biology, 03.00.07
20 Skrypal' Ivan Gavrylovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.06
21 Spivak Mykola Jakovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.06
22 Tovkach Fedir Ivanovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.06
23 Shherbatenko Ivan Stepanovych Dr. of Biology, 03.00.06